The Grace Period - Dynasty MP3

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ADR041_cover 1500.jpg

The Grace Period - Dynasty MP3


ARTIST: The Grace Period
TITLE: Dynasty
IMPRINT: Audio Dregs Recordings
CAT#: ADR041
FORMAT: 320 kbps MP3

1. Paris Au Printemps
2 Best Of Boston
3. She Listens To The Curve
4. My Girlfriend
5. Et in Arcadia Ego
6. I Can See My Breath
7. How to Get Ahead In Advertising
8. Borking Arial Layout
9. Welcome To Bali 99
10. Evil
11. Bartley Ride Armor
12. Ghost In The Graveyard

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The Grace Period are possibly a trans-city boy-girl electronic project from NYC/Boston or maybe just Chris Ott, one drummer from Boston, Massachusetts who began making electronic music on his own years ago just out of nervous habit. It’s hard to say exactly when it began, and what exactly The Grace Period is changes with the seasons. The music is generally loop based, with seemingly simple production, but with a feel for the emotive warmth that is often not addressed in sample based "computer" music. (It is "computer music" now, but the sound was very similar even before any copmuters were used.) Moody sweeping breaks and shimmering waves and textures carry keep things in a more personalized headspace, more intuitive than heady. After years of micro-run releases of cassettes, CD-Rs and 7"s, this is The Grace Period's big CD debut!