Strategy - Music For Lamping MP3

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ADR068_cover 1500.jpg

Strategy - Music For Lamping MP3


ARTIST: Strategy
TITLE: Music for Lamping
IMPRINT: Audio Dregs Recordings
CAT#: ADR068
FORMAT: MP3 (320 kbps)
RELEASE DATE: 04/29/2008

1. I Can't Stand the Rain
2. Cathedral Spark
3. Bike Click
4. All Day...
5. World Service
6. Lower Macleay

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Music for Lamping contains six years' worth of music that can roughly be called ambient - perhaps "meditative" is a better word. All of this music combines my interest in blurring/expanding/clouding processes--such as granular synthesis, vocoding, and bucket-brigade delay--with happenstance sound sources, such as field recordings or a favorite record sitting around the studio. The earliest music dates to a 2002 CD that was never released, entitled Strategy At Beacon Rock, which was intended as a 'gentle' or 'atmospheric' treatment of plundered audio. The material from 2004 onwards dates to a period of soundwalks in my neighborhood of Northwest Portland (a perfect strolling zone). Taken altogether, these pieces form a traceable thread through my work where I use my usual raw materials to reach a more liquid, spontaneous end result. 
-Paul Dicko