Lullatone - We Will Rock You... MP3s


Lullatone - We Will Rock You... MP3s

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ARTIST: Lullatone
TITLE: We Will Rock You... To Sleep: An introduction to Lullatone
CAT#: ADR074
FORMAT: MP3 (320 kbps)
RELEASE DATE: 4/20/2009


  • 1. A Mobile Over Your Head
  • 2. Bedroom Bossa Band
  • 3. Good Morning Melody
  • 4. Wake Up Wake Up
  • 5. Leaves Falling
  • 6. Make This Sound
  • 7. Marching To Sleep
  • 8. Kitty Koda Extended Lullaby Remix
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We Will Rock You... To Sleep is an introduction to Lullatone, featuring tracks from several previous albums, but also serves as a single for "A Mobile Over Your Head" which will be featured on their forthcoming album entitled Songs That Spin in Circles. Although it is forty minutes in length it is priced as a "rock bottom," single price, and closes with an "Extended Lullaby Remix" as an exclusive B-side.