Lullatone - Little Songs About Raindrops MP3s

ADR053_cover 1500.jpg
ADR053_cover 1500.jpg

Lullatone - Little Songs About Raindrops MP3s


ARTIST: Lullatone
TITLE: Little Songs About Raindrops
IMPRINT: Audio Dregs Recordings
CAT#: ADR053
FORMAT: 320 kbps MP3

01. My Petit Prelude 
02. Yesterday
03. Wake Up Wake Up 
04. Leaves Falling
05. Puddles On The Playground 
06. Morning Coffee
07. Afternoon Nap (For Pets) 
08. Pitter Patter Interlude
09. Drip Drops Jumping On An Umbrella 
10. A Miniature Finale

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Since his debut last year on Audio Dregs Lullatone has relocated to Nagoya, Japan, he’s toured the states and Japan, released tracks on numerous compilations, and now with his third full length release his sound has expanded even further. It’s still undeniably Lullatone, but grown into a more lush sort of melodic minimalism. Though hardly minimal by some electronic standards of today, Lullatone’s tiny compositions are characterized by a subtle nature comparable to the works of Steve Reich and Erik Satie: that is to say minimal, but unmistakably human.