Copy - Mobius Beard MP3

ADR061_cover 1500.jpg
ADR061_cover 1500.jpg

Copy - Mobius Beard MP3


TITLE: Mobius Beard
FORMAT: 320 kbps MP3
CAT#: ADR061
UPC: 708527506127
RELEASE DATE 01/10/2006


  • 01 A Slight But Delicious Warble
  • 02 Just Expect 
  • 03 Like a Turtle
  • 04 Backward
  • 05 Calling You Back
  • 06 It’s a Little Too Late
  • 07 Afro Oven
  • 08 Plagiarhythm
  • 09 Tailored Pants
  • 10 Thanks for the Pen
  • 11 The Wheel
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Portland, Oregon’s Marius Libman, otherwise known as Copy, busts through the gates with a fully developed and essential sound on his debut LP, Mobius Beard. Combining dense harmonies, delivered in an 8- bit baroque electro style somewhere between Yellow Magic Orchestra and Ratatat, with snap- tight digital beats reminiscent of Dabrye, Copy has created an emotionally affecting sound that doesn’t neglect the dance floor. On Mobius Beard, fuzzy bass synths ride syncopated drum patterns, jump- cutting into ambient spaces and cresting in victorious melodic themes. The result is a crossover work of electronic pop that will appeal to both hardcore sound boys / IDM nerds and the casual listening masses.