Copy - Chalice Agenda mp3s


Copy - Chalice Agenda mp3s


TITLE: Chalice Agenda
IMPRINT: Audio Dregs Recordings
CAT #: ADR086
UPC: 708527508626
RELEASE DATE: 5/15/2015

1. Contraction
2. Fan Fiction
3. Hard To Care
4. Kelvins
5. Multiples
6. Opportuned
7. Perish
8. Plantation Vibe
9. Tell Me Something New
10. To Me 
11. Why Does It?

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Holding cult status in Portland for nearly a decade, Copy has been crafting solid dance tracks that contain trace elements of disco, electro-pop, hip-hop, IDM, film music, kraut, and progressive rock; yet the result is always very recognizably Copy sounding. Songs are melodic and subtle enough that they find themselves on repeat on your headphones long after the dance party has ended. Chalice Agenda, Copy's fourth full length album, continues the tradition of deep analog bass with chunky, upbeat rhythms, coupled with interwoven synth melodies that weave together patterns that can be both wistful and baroque, or soaringly bright and driving.

Marius Libman, Copy's producer, also plays bass guitar for Sun Angle, synthesizer for Regular Music, and has done remixes for Ratatat, Starfucker, and countless others (official and unofficial), as well as co-hosting the Heavy Breather radio show on Xray FM Portland.