Panther - Yourself 12"

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Panther - Yourself 12"


ARTIST: Panther
TITLE: Yourself


A1. Time Zones 1:38
A2. He Enjoys The Leg 1:21
A3. Backs 1:11
A4. Black Baby 1:29
A5. I've Been Wasting 2:01
A6. You Don't Want Yr Nails Done 2:07
A7. Cello Vs. Mouth 0:39
A8. Off The Fuck The Phone 2:19
A9. Let Me Down 1:52
B1. You Don't Want to Hear This (E*Rock Remix) 3:12
B2. Black Baby Disco Club (Copy Remix) 4:27

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Panther’s music is hard match of damaged soul, falsetto disco and broken synth fueled freak-outs which is as addictive as it is challenging. The solo affair of Charlie Salas-Humar, guitarist and singer of The Planet The (5RC), wasn’t easily ignored for his unpredictable and energetic solo performances tainted with throbbing bass, minimalsitic hooks and jittery dance routines. He managed to polarize audiences thoroughly between the immediate super-fans and uncomfortable passive listeners when charging across the bar top when the PA blows out doing an acapella set, humping the floor for several minutes, or wearing khakis and boat shoes on a “hipster” bill, or worse yet, just not bringing a band to the rock clubs.