Bobby Birdman - New Moods LP


Bobby Birdman - New Moods LP

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ARTIST: Bobby Birdman
ALBUM: New Moods
LABEL: Fryk Beat
FORMAT: LP (180 gram vinyl)


  • 01 Only For A While
  • 02 Dust Design
  • 03 What You Say
  • 04 Weighty Wait
  • 05 Victory At Sea
  • 06 Bloody Mess
  • 07 Silent But Violent
  • 08 You'd Be Surprised
  • 09 Setting Sun
  • 10 Truth Be Told
  • 11 Well Sprung
  • 12 Back and Forth
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 On New Moods, his most focused and complete musical effort to date, upbeat pop anthems jostle up against shimmering slow a cappella numbers, while New Orleans bounce, dancehall, and hyphy funnel noisily into each self-produced pop number. Sun-drenched guitars and Bobby Birdman's characteristic, unfuckwithable new-school croon wash over drumline weirdness and tyrannical sub bass, like a rogue wave on the Malibu beaches he frequently surfs. 

New Moods is deconstructed pop-rock, but the melodies are so irresistible that they hook into a timeless, Van Dyke Parks-cum-Perry Como sound that's as at home blasting out of a tape deck on your beach towel as it is in the club.