Yuichiro Fujimoto - Speaks Melodies CD


Yuichiro Fujimoto - Speaks Melodies CD


ARTIST: Yuichiro Fujimoto
ALBUM: Speaks Melodies
IMPRINT: Audio Dregs Recordings
CAT#: ADR082
FORMAT: CD (in ecopak with deluxe booklet)


  • 01. A Cup Of Melody (5:10)
  • 02. Hollow Park (0:51)
  • 03. The Boys (2:57)
  • 04. Sketches Of Views Of Smalltown (12:27)
  • 05. For Favorite Tree (3:12)
  • 06. Computer Music Made By 8 Years Old Girl (2:52)
  • 07. Miniature For Organ (1:18)
  • 08. Atlas He Draw (5:14)
  • 09. Pens Dance Slow (3:53)
  • 10. Puddle (3:20)
  • 11. Street Pray (6:40)
  • 12. Morning Recording (3:42)

Total Time: 51:30

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Speaks Melodies presents small audio sketches, micro sound sculptures and poetic songs that are pulled directly from everyday life. Atmospheric street sounds from an open window mesh with acoustic instrumentation, digitally manipulated acoustic guitar, xylophone, pianos and voice. Although highly experimental, the feel is unassuming and light, though not overly precious. Songs create abstract expressionist swashes of mood made up of pieces of real world ingredients that are a refreshing approach to music making. Yuichiro's sound is unique, fresh and raw, and almost zen-like in nature.

Yuichiro Fujimoto is an artist, musician, and photographer living in Urayasu, Japan. Speaks Melodies is his fourth album, including releases on Norway's Smalltown Supersound, German label Ahornfelder, and this is his second release for Audio Dregs. The CD for Speaks Melodies comes in an eco-wallet package that contains a 16 page booklet of street photographs by Yuichiro and is designed by Norwegian design hero, Kim Hiorthøy.