Yuichiro Fujimoto - Kinoe CD

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ADR059_cover 1500.jpg

Yuichiro Fujimoto - Kinoe CD


ARTIST: Yuichiro Fujimoto
ALBUM: Kinoe
CAT#: ADR059
UPC: 708527505922

1. In the Grove 2. Drawing of Stars 3. Afterrain 4. Morning Dance 5. Cock Doodle Doo is Music 6. Kid Play, Mom Nap 7. Without Mabutaki 8. Listen to Grandpa’s Youth 9. Harmony 10. Sunday Music Club 11. An Octave of Shells 12. Forest’s Name 13. Old Bird Tape

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He was always painting the pictures of the sky.
After work in the morning,he brings out the canvas
and a chair to a warm spot in the sunlight.
He starts making the color of the sky of that day.
"Sky has a thousand colors. Every one of them is waiting for their turn." He said.
It was almost like whispering to himself.

Much earlier, I was only a boy.
I busily played with my friends and the color of the sky merely told me the time.
I disliked the color advancing into red everyday....

It's been about 10 years since then and things have changed a little around me.
My friend Jamie (he is a cat)told me a secret. "Most things can become clear to you, if you try to hear and see well them. Do you see?  Every tree has a family and some stones enjoy walking."
It's true.

And today. I saw a bird flying low.
My breath is white. Flowers have not yet bloomed.
But, they are ready. Soon.

-Yuichiro Fujimoto