Supersprite - Color Mixing CD

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ADR043_cover 1500.jpg

Supersprite - Color Mixing CD


ARTIST: Supersprite
TITLE: Color Mixing
IMPRINT: Audio Dregs Recordings
CAT#: ADR043
UPC: 708527504321

1. I Don't Spend Time Reflecting On Pins Dropping
2. Gated Buildings
3. Stop Celebrating
4. Farewell Cosmo
5. I'll Get Back To You About That
6. Spraycopter
7. Theme From "Prism Pies"
8. Circuilar
9. Ghosts At The Fireworks Factory
10. Sparkling Dynamo
11. Recent Developments
12. Pleasure Model
13. Let's Form A Puddle

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Though he’s spent years out and about in Portland, Oregon, spinning live sets from his sampler, drum machines, moog and various other electronic devices, Color Mixing is SUPERSPRITE’s first full length release. Frontman Howard Gillam works hazy melodies from dense sonic tones, fueled by mellow down-tempo beats for a spaced-out pop effect. Though sampler is his instrument of choice, samples don’t come from prerecorded sources, rather from an arsenal of synthesizers, drum machines, and programables (or sometimes the cat) spinning your head into the clouds or creating colorful dreamscapes that would play well as an alternate soundtrack to Fantastic Planet. Supersprite breathes organic rolling beats from his machines, and shimmering waves of sound that serve as a most soothing form of audio research. Produced and recorded by E*ROCK (Audio Dregs) with guest production and appearances by E*VAX (Audio Dregs) and NUDGE (OMCO) makes for a well developed debut from this Portland staple in the electronic underground.