Lullatone - Plays Pajama Pop... CD

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ADR065_cover 1500.jpg

Lullatone - Plays Pajama Pop... CD


ARTIST: Lullatone
ALBUM: Plays Pajama Pop Pour Vous
IMPRINT: Audio Dregs Recordings
CAT#: ADR065
UPC: 708527506523
RELEASE DATE:  12/05/2006

1. Good Morning Melody
2. Bedroom Bossa Band
3. Magical...
4. Pajama Party Pop
5. Sleepytime Samba
6. Thoughts and Clouds
7. Building Castles in the Sky
8. Floating Away

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"Imagine if Sigur Ros and Architecture in Helsinki were planning on recording an album together, but the studio they was already double booked! Therefore they decided to record it in on of the member's bedroom on his cassette player. Just then Kahimi Karie called, so they said "Oh great, why don't you come over too? We'll have a slumber party tonight," and she said, "Ok." They started recording but it was getting late and they were afraid that their neighbors might complain if they were too loud, so they replaced all guitar parts with music boxes. About that time Kahimi showed up and said "Let's order a pizza, I'm starving." Next they were eating the pizza they got thirsty, but the only thing they had in the refrigerator was milk. Milk has that thing in it that makes you sleepy, so they all got a little sleepy, and then singer guy from Sigur Ros decided his voice was too high for this project, so he asked Kahimi to sing. She did and it sounded great! And then they all fell asleep. The End." -Shawn James Seymour