Lullatone - Computer Recital CD

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ADR047_cover 1500.jpg

Lullatone - Computer Recital CD


ARTIST: Lullatone
TITLE: Computer Recital
IMPRINT: Audio Dregs Recordings
CAT#: ADR047
UPC: 708527504727

1. Make This Sound
2. Tracing
3. My Second Favorite Song In The World
4. Coloring
5. Resound
6. Plastic Toy Record Player
7. A Slow Waltz
8. Poppy
9. Hoppy
10. Bye Bye Bye

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Lullatone’s music is a gently pulsing sine wave symphony. Computer Recital is a 48 minute delve into tones transforming into music box melodies, an album in which beeps bounce over bubbling pops to form a delicate rhythm, regulated by the timbre of sound almost solely sculpted of pure sine waves. The result is a completely minimal, clean sound which accentuates the playful melody of the compositions. However, bits of organic qualities (i.e. vocals, heartbeats, breathing) whisper below the surface of the tones and form very concr ete “songs”. Lullatone creates naive and pure music, but also very a maturely developed sound for a 21 year old producer. That producer is Louisville based Shawn James Seymour, with occasional help of vocalist Sookmi Park. Together the duo also make up the pop art collective “bunnybunnybunny.”

Computer Recital is Lullatone ’s debut full length release, just prior to his split 7” with Japan’s foremost electronic composer , Nobukazu Takemura, under his Child’s View moniker.