Inkblot - Love Your Mother CD

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ADR042_cover 1500.jpg

Inkblot - Love Your Mother CD


ARTIST: Inkblot
TITLE: Love Your Mother
IMPRINT: Audio Dregs Recordings
CAT#: ADR042
UPC: 708527504222

1. They Get By On Laughter
2. Why I Left The Stove On
3. Ism/asm
4. Soapy
5. After Careful Deliberation I Find It Hard To Deny The Fact That What We All Need Is Less Sleep And More Dreaming
6. Smile And Wave
7. It Contained All Color
8. Moth Bath
9. Perhaps There Was Nothing Left
10. Rods And Cones
11. Love Your Mother

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Keeping the same highly textural and organic experimental electronic
compositions of last year’s Language Game album (Tomlab) Love Your Mother
is Inkblot’s second full length release. A slightly warmer sounding record than the first, it pushes the sparkling moments of piano, guitar, bass, further into gear while keeping the shimmering field recordings in top form as well. Though highly melodic, Inkbot creator Jeremy Ballard also creates a more deconstructed album, melting rhythms into vapor and gluing them back together between bits of found sounds and solid bounce-y beats. The mix of these sparse tight beats with textured ambience have lead comparisons ranging from Labradford to Mouse on Mars, creating a mood that is both playful and wistful.